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Embracing a fully remote work environment, we invite you to be part of a dynamic team that consistently strives for exceptional outcomes, driven by mutual support and collaboration.Discover More"

Embracing Innovation, Elevating Happiness:
Where Technology and a Brighter World Unite.

Embracing the Future:
Where Everyone Starts Anew with Technology."
In today's rapidly evolving world, technology is advancing at an unprecedented pace, touching every corner of the globe simultaneously. It's an era of "firsts" for many, as AI, once envisioned as the future, has already woven itself into the fabric of various industries. The internet, social media, and smartphones have seamlessly connected us across time and space.
Navigating these platforms and harnessing emerging technologies is crucial for businesses. Yet, adapting swiftly to the ever-changing technological landscape and society might pose a challenge. How should we, both as a company and as individuals, respond to this new reality?

What is Digital Stacks all about?

We're a forward-looking company that specializes in introducing state-of-the-art digital technology. Our focus lies in offering cutting-edge technical products, also known as cloud services, derived from international Internet technology. Moreover, we're actively involved in technology consulting and the operation of our own internet services.

About IT and the IT Industry

The terms "IT" and "IT industry" might appear a bit distant and specialized, especially if you've been involved in other fields. However, even if you lack confidence in your knowledge or have no prior experience, that's perfectly fine. Thanks to AI and internet technology, the world is undergoing rapid and profound transformations. Navigating these changes requires a willingness to embrace and accommodate them. We're committed to embracing societal shifts through self-directed learning and collaborative support among our members.

Our Mindset and Philosophy

What matters most is having a mindset open to change and a readiness to embrace challenges.
Technology, evolving at an astonishing pace, presents entirely novel and uncharted territory for most individuals. Needless to say, not everyone comes equipped with prior experience. We hold a genuine curiosity for novel work methods and technology, regardless of one's background in terms of experience, work trajectory, working hours and locations, nationality, gender, age, cultural variances, employment status, and even English proficiency. Our goal is to assemble a team comprising diverse individuals.

Work from any corner of the globe
Embrace work hours of any length, at any time of day
Collaboration prevails over solo effort

Our team members resonate with these concepts, and our culture is one of mutual support and pursuing ambitious goals collectively.
non-full-time work arrangements

63% of our team consists of individuals engaged in non-full-time work arrangements.

our female staff accounts

Our female staff accounts for 63% of our team, and in the Data Analytics, Customer Support, and Corporate departments, the composition is entirely female (excluding managers).

residing abroad

We take pride in having 12% of our team members residing abroad.

foreign nationals

We have a 7% representation of foreign nationals.

career transitions from various fields / industries

An impressive 58% of our associates have made career transitions from various fields or industries.

fully remote work

Embracing a fully remote work approach, our entire team operates from home.* (*Note: While most members work remotely, a few may be required to attend the workplace or be present for specific tasks.) This remote work initiative was launched in 2017, about three years ahead of the widespread adoption driven by the pandemic.

While we've provided information for those new to the industry, individuals with IT experience and English proficiency will find a smoother transition.

Whether you're a newcomer or seasoned professional, your unique journey and background can contribute meaningfully.
We eagerly await your application.


Welcome to our cutting-edge "Innovation Outreach" division. Here, we focus on establishing external connections, such as Customer Success, serving as the main link to clients, and Partner Success, forging collaborations with international technology allies. We also manage website creation and materials distribution, as well as driving project advancement. Each role within the team is specialized, ensuring seamless execution.

Departments: Customer Success, Partner Success, Order Handling Management, Creative, Editorial, Web Direction, Marketing, Public Relations, Promotion, Project Management


This department plays a pivotal role in delivering top-notch customer services. We stay at the forefront of technology, harnessing that expertise to offer guidance, assistance, and consultation to users.

Our team includes dedicated professionals specializing in pre-sales, support engineering, digital concierge (help desk), analysis consultation, implementation, operational support, service development, and operational engineering.


Welcome to the heart of our organization, where essential corporate functions come together to lay the groundwork. Our mission revolves around crafting a personnel system and culture rooted in the digital age, as we actively engage in DEIB (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging) initiatives and innovate new organizational structures to align with the evolving era.

Our team encompasses the following areas:
Human Resources and RecruitmentAccounting and FinanceGeneral AffairsCorporate Planning