In line with the principles of "Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging," we are dedicated to consistently improving the work environment and cultivating a workplace where all individuals can actively contribute with vitality and enthusiasm.



We honor and respect the unique identities of every individual. We hold each person in high esteem, nurturing an inclusive and open-minded environment that fuels creativity and innovation through the exchange of diverse perspectives. Our goal is to construct a robust organization by fostering cooperation and mutual understanding.



We offer fair opportunities for our employees' career and professional growth. We acknowledge the unique strengths of each individual and establish the groundwork for a structured and inclusive work environment. Our dedication to fairness extends to our hiring and promotion processes, emphasizing the necessary job skills and ensuring inclusive communication.



When employees raise concerns, complaints, or appeals, we will ensure a robust "communication process" and the safeguarding of confidential information. Moreover, if trust-related issues come to our attention, we will take proactive measures to address them. We regularly provide skill training on inclusion and prioritize the well-being of our employees. As an organization, we are committed to ongoing training to uphold ethical behavior at all times.



We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every individual can work vibrantly in their unique manner. We provide guidance and nurture for each employee to enhance their skills. Simultaneously, to cultivate a culture where authenticity thrives, we remain attuned to the organization's awareness of its context. If we encounter instances of discrimination or concerns, we promptly take decisive action to address and resolve them.