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★Reference Video: "ChatGPT for the Super Evolution of Customer Support! Freshworks Freddy AI"

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Freshworks introduces GPT to Freddy AI, aiming for less clicks, more chat, and more joy for users and employees.

Freshworks has a consistent track record of building software that provides value to its customers. This starts with a deep understanding of the users who rely on Freshworks solutions daily. With the emergence of new innovations like OpenAI's latest GPT model and ChatGPT, Freshworks has been exploring how this technology can enhance day-to-day operations for end users. This includes understanding agent operations and collaborations with subject matter experts, suppliers, and partners to solve complex problems. The company has diligently observed the systems used by salespeople to comprehend the different stakeholders of a prospect. Additionally, they have engaged with marketers to learn how touchpoints are connected to create personalized marketing journeys. Before diving into the details of how OpenAI works with the GPT model, let's briefly review Freshworks' AI journey.

In 2018, we introduced Freddy, an AI assistant powered by the Neo platform.

Freddy AI is a platform service crafted to harness the latest advancements in open source AI, along with its own native AI capabilities. During that period, Freshworks utilized Google's Contact Center AI to develop a Proof of Concept (PoC) for a self-service use case to support sales representatives. The application of AI to corporate activities was still in its early stages, and there were numerous areas that had room for improvement.

During 2020-2021, following OpenAI's GPT-2 launch, Freshworks trained models on anonymized datasets from millions of customer and agent conversations.

This allowed users to offer more accurate and recommended responses to customer inquiries. While Freshworks' bot builder showed significant improvement compared to the technology in 2018, there were still areas that needed further development.

In 2023, OpenAI's ChatGPT and its underlying GPT model are set to dominate the market.

In 2023, OpenAI's ChatGPT and its underlying GPT model are set to dominate the market. OpenAI currently leads with industry-leading AI systems, and many software companies are venturing into AI. Nevertheless, Freshworks remains committed to AI, using it to enhance user efficiency and create joyful experiences for users and employees.
On March 22, Freshworks announced the latest enhancements to Freddy AI, integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT and its underlying Large Language Model (LLM).
This case study in generative AI allows support agents to respond quickly, adopting friendly or serious tones. Marketers can create more compelling copy, and sales representatives can send personalized emails to prospects. Freshchat and Freshmarketer users can now join the Freddy AI beta program, with several GPT-based features planned for the future.

Here is a partial list of upcoming features:

Conversation Summarizer:

Freshchat support agents can generate automated summaries of customer conversations. Collaborators and new agents need not read the entire conversation as they can easily review the summary to understand the context and next steps.


This feature allows agents to replace casual language with more formal language. Agents can quickly type a reply and then easily formalize it to provide a clear and coherent response to the customer.



Autocomplete is a feature that predicts complete sentences, which helps eliminate typing and enables you to respond more quickly to customer questions.


Article Generator

Article Generator allows you to quickly create standardized knowledge base articles and FAQs with just a few prompts.

Email Copy Generator

Email Copy Generator enables marketers using Freshmarketer to create better email copy in less time, increasing open rates and engagement. Sales representatives can also create personalized emails tailored to the specific needs and issues of individual prospects.

Freshworks will harness innovative generative AI to unlock new possibilities for an enhanced user experience and increased employee satisfaction. With the ongoing evolution of Freddy AI, Freshworks' mission to minimize workloads and cultivate user and employee joy will gain momentum, propelling further advancement in the future.

Please note: This article was initially published on Freshworks' website and has been translated into Japanese by Digital Stacks. All rights reserved. Click here for the original text.