Launched Secure Privacy, data privacy, and cookie consent management tool in Japan

Digital Stacks has entered into a reseller partnership agreement with Secure Privacy (Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark; CEO: Dan Storbaek; "Secure Privacy").

With a robust and industry-leading cookie consent management solution, Secure Privacy assists enterprises and websites in complying with GDPR (Europe), CCPA (California), and LGPD (Brazil). Under international data privacy laws, it manages cookie consent, visitor preferences, privacy policies, and cookie declarations. It saves you time and money while ensuring that you comply with data privacy laws. The followings are the six features of Secure Privacy.


Cookie Consent Banner:

It allows you to create beautiful cookie banners, document consent, and experience peace of mind.


Preferences Center:

It allows visitors to your website to specify preferences for the categories of cookies they want to accept or reject, as described in your cookie policy.


Cookie & Privacy Policy:

With the top automated cookie banner solution, you can create GDPR, CCPA, and LGPD-compliant privacy rules and have peace of mind. 


Consent Log:

It allows you to keep real-time records of each consent given or rejected by users for advertising and data collecting cookies on your website. 


Cookie & SSL Scanner:

Secure Privacy's extremely powerful scanner is fully customisable and can scan behind log pages. 


70+ Language Support:

All of the Secure Privacy's CCPA, GDPR, and LGPD compliance plans include language detection, with over 70 languages available. 


Digital Stacks is an authorised distributor in Japan of leading overseas cloud technology products such as PagerDuty, the global standard for incident management tools, Harness, a CI/CD solution, and Sumo Logic, a cloud-native machine data analysis platform. Through this partnership with Secure Privacy, we will further support the development of digital services in Japan.


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