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PagerDuty is a service that enables you to effortlessly establish a system-wide alert big data system. It receives alert information from all monitoring tools and promptly responds to any issues that arise in systems running on-premises or in the cloud.

By setting up PagerDuty once, you can automatically centralize and manage alert information from all systems, including different monitoring tools installed in other departments and systems, regardless of whether they are on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid. This also includes the management of all failure information, and the accumulation process begins. When all alert information is collected as big data, the responsible engineer gains the ability to perform predictive management, failure analysis, and predictive analysis based on past similar patterns even before the next failure occurs. This capability significantly reduces the occurrence of issues and shortens the late-night response time for engineers.
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Smartsheet is a dynamic workspace designed for teams to collaborate on project management, streamline workflows, and swiftly create new solutions to achieve business goals. It primarily functions as an easy-to-use spreadsheet platform but also incorporates collaboration software and solutions to enhance team efficiency, effectiveness, and scalability, all within a single integrated platform.
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Freshdesk offers a helpdesk equipped with intelligent automation features. Already trusted by over 50,000 companies, it enhances both customer experience (CX and CRM) and employee experience (ITSM and HRSM).

Its key features include ticket management and team collaboration support, while also providing the capability to centralize support-related communications from various channels. For instance, email, web, call, chat, and social requests can be converted into tickets for streamlined management.
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